Monday, December 19, 2011

God is

God is…

The lights to a Christmas tree (He brings light to the darkest places)

The sunshine to a rainy day (He brings light to my most depressing days)

The light bulb to a lamp (He brings hope to a darkened place)

The gas to a car (He is the one who keeps me going everyday)

The thread that holds clothing together (He holds me together when I’m falling apart)

The liquid to a bottle (He replenishes me when I am thirsty)

The strings to a cello (He lets me worship through music)

The tea to a teapot (He brings me warmth when I am cold)

The foundation to a house (He has allowed me to build my foundation on the rock)

The money to a piggy bank (He fills my life with blessings)

The stakes to a tent (He keeps my feet firmly planted in the truth)

The ink to a pen (He allows me to write when I cannot speak)

The shampoo to a head of hair (He cleanses my head of lies)

The soap to a body (He cleanses my body of sin)

The sled to a snowy hill (He makes my life fun and interesting)

The glasses to impaired vision (He helps me see clearly. For real though)

The steering wheel to a car (He helps me steer in the right direction, to stay on the narrow path)

The words to a book (He reveals His character to me through the Bible)

The drain to a bathtub (He throws all my sins down the drain and says “forget about it”)

The toilet flusher to a toilet (He flushes my sins away and graciously gives me life)

The professor to a college class (He teaches me something new every day)

The bow to a gift (He completes me)

The staples to a stapler (I cannot function without Him)

This is what God is to me. What is He to you?

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